Restarting Soprano/Sesame process

Unfortunately, after discovering that much of my previous effort was mostly in vain (see my previous post), I've had two extremely busy weeks at work (two business trips, preparing for a user evaluation and a demo). Also, frankly, I was feeling kind of depressed and stupid that I'd failed to check for existing review requests before filing mine, so I did a bit of head-in-the-sand hiding from the situation.

But now the user study is done, so is the demo, and I shouldn't have to travel again until early December, so the time seems to be ripe to restart this whole process. First step: read and deal with all of the various responses to my initial batch of review requests -- I really must apologise to Jason Tibbitts who did a great job of doing the searches that I should have done myself and duplicating bugs and so on. Then I need to go back to the Sesame source code and figure out what else it really needs to build.

And yes, I'll check very carefully for existing bug reports and packages with slightly different names this time. :)